Montessori Learning tower & Kitchen helper - Table and Chair - All in one

Kitchen step stool, safety stool or learning helper is an adjustable kitchen chair and Montessori tower for children. Step stool or learning stool for kids will be an amazing learning table and kitchen helper. Kitchen helper tower is designed according to Montessori furniture principles. The surface of the steps and the standing platform is treated with non-slip varnish. Built-in hinges make it easier to use the table, as they do not interfere with drawing or placing a glass.

Strong & Sturdy:
- Сoating with natural wax oil mixture.
- Main construction is built using the “Water Resistant Baltic Birch plywood” variant.
- Moisture resistant - Can be left outside in rain/snow for up to 24 hours*
- Can hold up to 60 KG weight.

- Double safety - Two tower connection locks on both sides greatly reduce the chances of children falling over.
- No Small Parts - We do not use decorative screw caps that children can remove and swallow.
- There are no hinges on the table, so children do not hurt themselves and there is nothing to interfere with drawing
- Eco product - Only vapour free materials are used to provide maximum safety for all toddlers within the normal healthy range.
- Compliant with European Toy safety standard EN 71-3

- Can be folded into a table for lunch or learning
- Can add a second chair and use it for two children
- Easy to disassemble for storage

Easy to clean:
- Use a damp cloth or wet wipes to clean parts of the Kitchen helper. Avoid using solvent-based products to prevent the removal of the protective wax layer.
-Learning tower and other Montessori furniture benefits
*Develops small motor skills
*Improves spatial awareness
*Lets you focus on the tasks at hand
*Supports self-confidence

Overall technical specification:
- Product weight - 7.5 kg
- Product weight in packaging - 8.5 kg
- Construction load-bearing - up to 60 kg
- Color: Natural wood texture semi-transparent tone + Light gray.

Assembled dimensions: (standard learning tower configuration)
- Height: 92 cm
- Width: 40 cm
- Depth: 45 cm

What’s in the box:
- Kitchen helper parts.
- Assembly instructions.
- Wrench for assembly and maintenance.

- Proper drying indoors required after left outside under rain or snow.
- Always check that key fixed before letting children on them play.
- The colors in the pictures may slightly differ in real life.

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